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Why is a public speaker like an eager suitor?

In his adroit guide to wooing your audience, Romancing the Room, James Wagstaffe explains how to get your message across by using techniques drawn from more personal encounters. Romancing the Room identifies the most important elements of public speaking: making a great first impression, presenting thoughts and ideas with charm and clarity, and getting people to agree with and commit to your proposals. Wagstaffe, a highly successful trial attorney and public speaking expert, reveals the ingenious tricks of the trade employed by top-notch communicators, including:

• Establishing common ground with an audience
• Using visuals and stories to captivate even the most restless of listeners
• Avoiding filler words and distracting voice patterns
• Winning an audience with substance, not sound bites

"One of the highest rated speakers I have heard. Everyone left James' presentation with effective tips, tools, and techniques to improve their ability to communicate effectively."

Michael McCaffery - Former CEO, Stanford University Endowment