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Romancing the Room

Understand why a public speaker is like a dedicated suitor. In this adroit guide to wooing your audience, James Wagstaffe explains how to effectively convey your message by practicing techniques drawn from more personal encounters. Romancing the Room (Random House's Three Rivers Press, March 2002, 210 pages) identifies the most important elements of public speaking: making great first impressions, presenting thoughts and ideas with charm and clarity, and getting people to agree with your ideas. Price $14.00
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The Art of Persuasion

Like the Greeks, you may think that persuasion is a traditional form public speaking where you stand up and discourse eloquently at a podium, persuading people about your views on some controversial topic. This certainly is a part of persuasion, but only a small part of it. Learn the ability to move someone from one set of feelings, attitudes, behaviors, or beliefs, to another set of feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. This includes the prowess to sway an audience.This video is 35 minutes long. Price $10.00
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Envisioning Visual Aids

In this 30 minutes understand the power of visual aids. Learn to make the unknown know with the use of analogies. Then Jim show's the importance of motivating the listeners to learn. Knowing your audience. How to be SMART. In all envisioning visual aids means bringing your vision to life. Price $10.00
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The 10 Commandments of Impromptu Speaking

How often are we in impromptu situations where speaking off-the-cuff becomes an awkward test of our communications skill? It might be giving an unplanned toast at your wife's sister's wedding, a short presentation at the parent's association meeting, a brief opinion at the monthly marketing meeting, or a entertaining story at a business dinner party. The possibilities are endless. Learn the art and science of impromptu speaking in this 30 minute tape. Price $10.00
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Special Occasion Speaking

Special occasion speaking is about giving a speech in context. Eulogies, Testimonials, Roasts, Toast, Introductions, Invocations, and Entertaining talks are all special occasion speeches. This is a speech where you show special sensitivity to the audience. You are concerned about two principle things: what is the occasion, and who is the audience. This 30 minute tape will demystify the short speech and show you how to shine in any setting. Price $10.00
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