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book-imageIn this highly-spirited guide to effective communication, award-winning trial attorney James Wagstaffe synthesizes twenty years of teaching at Stanford University into an analogy of how to romance your audience. What do most speakers overlook? Why are Oprah and Colin Powell such engaging communicators? How would Dale Carnegie work the room in the 21st century?

Why is a public speaker like an eager suitor? In this adroit guide to wooing your audience, James Wagstaffe explains how to get your message across by using techniques drawn from more personal encounters. Romancing the Room identifies the most important elements of public speaking: making a great first impression, presenting thoughts and ideas with charm and clarity, and getting people to agree with and commit to your proposals. Wagstaffe, a highly successful trial attorney and public speaking expert, reveals the ingenious tricks of the trade employed by top-notch communicators, including:

• Establishing common ground with an audience
• Using visuals and stories to captivate even the most restless of listeners
• Avoiding filler words and distracting voice patterns
• Winning an audience with substance, not sound bites

Filled with anecdotes and sage advice and written in a witty yet authoritative tone, Romancing the Room will help even novice speakers conquer podium fears, steady their voices, and convey informative messages like a pro.
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60 Minutes Interview with Morley Safer

Jim appeared in an interview with Morley Safer on 60 Minutes. The television news story focused on a high-profile sexual harassment case involving First Amendment Rights of the church versus the state.

Random House Agrees to Two Book Deal

After reading the first book proposal on Romancing the Room, Random House wanted more than a single book deal with Wagstaffe. The editor and marketing staff decided that a longer-term contract with Wagstaffe was essential and have also agreed to publish his second book

Stanford University Classes Continues

Practical Speech Communications is back by popular demand for the 25th year in a row. Students from all over the world learn the methods and means to making engaging presentations.

The Radio and TV News Director's Association

Wagstaffe participated in an all-day media seminar addressing invasion of privacy and new gathering topics.

BayTV features Wagstaffe

The controversial $25 million judgment against Jenny Jones was the topic of a 30-minute BayTV interview with James Wagstaffe.

Legal Marketing Association

Jim delivers his Romancing the Room, Becoming an Engaging Communicator in an Attention Deficit World presentation to the Legal Marketing Association's annual meeting.

Other Speeches

Wagstaffe conducted a full day seminar on federal civil procedure to the Bay Area Chapter of the Legal Secretary Forum. Jim also spoke to: the District Attorneys' Association on "How to Answer Hard Questions", the Federal Judicial Center on Federal Civil Procedure and CWC Employee Seminar on "How Not Get Sued by Your Employees"