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Romancing the Room
Are you communicating effectively in your community, at your workplace and with your family? Mr. Wagstaffe has developed award-winning pointers on how to engage listeners by "Romancing the Room".

• Learn to make positive first impressions (“The Blind Date”)
• Win your audiences over with attention sustainers (“The Engagement”)
• Get them to say “yes” to your points for the long term (“The Marriage”)

With engaging humor and clarity, Mr. Wagstaffe presents his "Romancing the Room" themes as applied to a whole host of public and private speaking settings.

Listen While You Talk!
In this dynamic presentation, Mr. Wagstaffe will teach how to customize communications to your particular listeners. Learn Listen While You Talk secrets for obtaining, maintaining and sustaining attention. Mr. Wagstaffe will address a series of key topics for communicators such as: “How to read your audience,” “How to engage listeners with stories and visuals,” and How to avoid filler words, isms, and voice patterns.” Mr. Wagstaffe not only tells your audience how to do this, he exemplifies the very process.

Substance or Sound Bites?
In today’s “attention deficit culture,” it is imperative for communicators to be instantly memorable, empowering and authentic. In his Substance or Sound Bites? presentation, Mr. Wagstaffe provides a survivor’s guide to communication in the Information Age. He shows you how to use words, images and stories to captivate the attention of any listener or audience.